Third Sill (Yellow)

Part three of a series of four. Each of these works sit beautifully within a living space, mirroring the colour tones of the natural world.
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Artist Sean Stewart, 2022
Made in Toronto
Dimensions 18” X 14” (46cm x 36cm)
Material Acrylic, oil on canvas w/ white oak frame

Sean Ross Stewart (b. 1989, Burlington, On) is a Canadian artist living and working in Toronto. He received a BA in Illustration from Sheridan College in 2014 and has been practicing since. By working in forms of painting, drawing and sculpture, materiality is used to examine the physiological, interpersonal, parental and social relationships. The use and application of materials are based in a personal history and materiality history; they are to help explore the interwoven circumstances of life and chance that contextualize memory, place and time.