Hiroshima Folding Chair

A prolific folding chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa. It provides excellent seating comfort and maintains a beautiful thin form when folded for storage.

Design  Naoto Fukasawa
Manufacturer  Maruni
Dimensions  W49.8cm×D55.2cm×H81.6cm×SH45cm

This folding chair not only provides excellent seating comfort but even maintains a beautiful form when folded up for storage. The back features beautiful wood grain running horizontally, making for an impressive contrast to the vertical-running wood grain of the round perfectly straight legs. The design of this extremely strong and durable wood folding chair is the result of a detailed structural study and application of advanced woodworking techniques. The thickness of only 13 cm when folded allows it to be stored in compact space and it is light enough to be easily carried with only one hand.