Tomii Takashi

It's taken awhile but we are excited to get some new pieces from Japanese wood artisan Tomii Takashi.

We visited Tomii Takashi at his home in Japan years ago, and featured him in an interview in Mjolk Book Volume II. I thought it may be fun to share a few outtakes from that visit. Tomii and his family have since moved to a new home further north, so we hope to visit again one day.


First stop was Gallery Yamahon. Set in the countryside, the gallery carries works by contemporary Japanese artisans. True to Japanese style, they also have a nice cafe for refreshments.

The view across the street from the gallery. 

Off to lunch!


Missing Japanese food right now. There sure is a dearth of quality in our area. The closest we have are Imanishi and Shunoko, but boy could we use something closer!

We arrive at Tomii's home, located in a pastoral setting, in an old farmhouse. As mentioned he has since moved from here, but it was so great to be able to see this type of home personally.

Time for sweets and tea.

Some beautiful objects along the windowsill.


Checking out our first ever order with Tomii-san.


Heading out to the wood studio, about a 10-15 minute drive away in an old school.

Working on a blossom dish.

Check out Mjolk Book Volume II for more!