Bedroom Paint Update: Pure & Original

Awhile back we had our bedroom at home painted with Pure & Original fresco paint. We chose Old Linen as the colour, because we were fond of it at the stone house. It's taken awhile to get used to because it interacts differently against the warm oak vs white trim in the parlour. It simply reads as warmer and I worried for a bit that we went too warm but now it's like it's always been this way, a natural backdrop that contributes to the soothing bedroom atmosphere.

Another subtle change in the bedroom is that we switched out our white Libri shelf for an oak version from De La Espada, in part because we wanted the oak, but also because it has one drawer to help keep all the little things tidy.

Window box, for sitting.

Some favourite objects along a shallow shelf, an excavated vase. 

Looking out towards the hallway.

Before & After

Honestly, the white was ok at the time. The house could use a repaint all around so we started with the bedroom and decided to change move away from the white. 

It definitely warms things up and feels less stark.

Companions bedside table by Studioilse for De La Espada.

Børge Mogensen Shell chair gifted by Thomas Graverson from Fredericia Furniture.