YUMI NAKAMURA : Copper Funnel C

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Copper funnel by Yumi Nakamura
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Copper funnel by Yumi Nakamura
Ø13cm x H14cm

Artist statement by Yumi Nakamura: Forging of metals, creating and following the outline of my work. I think my eyes are always aiming to create the space around the object. The atmosphere and the sense of the work are really my creations. The technique of forging metal is creating a three-dimensional form, from a at sheet of metal board. By hammering the metal one step at a time, the process is long. With every single hammering and shaping of my mallet, I feel I am not just creating the structure of the object but also its atmosphere. Originally, I studied interior design and worked on spatial design. One special meeting with a metalworker couple has totally changed my life. (I met Mr. Takejiro Hasegawa, Mrs. Mami Hasegawa.) I felt a strong passion to become a metalworker and then I chose to be one. Since then I started to study metal- working alongside my work and I am now working as a full-time metalworker. Through creating kettles, teapots and other tools I feel the sense of existence. I study these pieces and attempt to guess their appearance in di erent spaces. I am working that way everyday.