Silver Roundish Bracelet (32mm)

Mami Hasegawa's bracelets are easily adjustable to accomodate any size wrist. Each one is entirely unique, with a subtly organic form and barely visible hammer marks beneath a gently polished surface.

Design  Mami Hasegawa
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  26mm/32mm band width
Colour & Materiality  100% Silver

Mami Hasegawa continues her family's distinguished legacy of traditional tea ceremony metalwork, creating objects with a natural softness and warmth. After graduating from Waseda University, Mami Hasegawa studied metalworking at the Tokyo Craft Design school and apprentinced with tea ceremony craftsman Ichibousai Shunsen. She has been exhibiting her work since 1981.

My ideas are shaped through my vision of ancient times. I imagine Egypt and the Islamic Middle East in the year 3000 BC. During that time, the skills, techniques, arts and the beauty of craftsmanship passed through the Silk Road by nomads. It travelled to the East and into China, and through this continued trade and dialogue new styles were developed and perfected. When I look at these works, crafts, and arts, I feel like a traveler who travels between space and time. I hope to continue to create my own work through this vision.

-Mami Hasegawa