Herb Pot (Large)

Article code P-9622
A safe haven for fresh herbs. These earthenware pots feature an opening at the bottom, allowing for greater watering control.
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Design  Anderssen & Voll
Manufacturer  Mjölk
Dimensions  H 12cm x L 30cm
Colour & Materiality  Earthenware, matte terracotta glaze

The herb pot containers are primarily meant as safe havens for the pots of fresh herbs you buy at the grocery store. In our experience these herbs lead an unsafe existence once they hit the kitchen counter: heavily plucked and with no designated place to stay.

The pots are earthenware with a matte terracotta glaze. The side opening promotes watering the herbs at the bottom directly instead of from the top. Watering from the top displaces soil and exposes sensitive root systems. Watering from the bottom promotes healthy root growth and as a result, a bigger plant.

The opening on the side also allows you to pour away excess water 20 minutes after watering.