Mimi Blanket (Tobacco)

All-purpose wool blanket, designed by Anderssen & Voll.

Design  Anderssen & Voll
  Røros Tweed
Made in  Norway
Dimensions  L 200cm x W 150cm (L 79" x W 59")
Colour & Materiality  Norwegian Wool, tobacco

The FRI series are very much inspired by the Norwegian tradition of smaller rectangular table cloths called «løpere». You’ll find variations of these textiles in nearly every mountain cabin all over Norway. In this new interpretation, the typical repetitive rhythm of color is somewhat dissolved and the colors shift in a randomized, soft and meandering zigzag.

Mimi is based on an old weaving pattern called Houndstooth. The earliest recorded discovery of this type of pattern dates back to 100 BC, and variants of this pattern can be found in everything from Scottish national costumes to high fashion.

Mimi is elegant and has a light and soft surface. The blankets come in four warm tones: tobacco, apricot, pale lemon and green.