Mended Tweed Cushion - Monochrome V - 45cm x 45cm, Black/White

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Mourne Mended Tweed Cushion - Monochrome V 45cm x 45cm, Black/White See more information below...
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We are pleased to offer pillows made from some of the highest quality Tweed wool.

Made by Mourne textiles, a third generation weaving studio in Ireland.

Mended tweed is fabric designed by Gerd Hay-Edie for Irish fashion designer Sybil Connolly's 1956 Spring collection, Mourne's Mended Tweed was a real talking point amongst the fashion elite. "Here comes the girl in a suit in a completely new tweed. The threads are enormous, the weave as clumsy as bad darning, but the fabric that looks so primitive is cunningly subtle and soft." - Journalist Anne Scott-James (Lady Lancaster)

Mourne history: Mourne textiles was originally founded by Gerd Bergersen. She was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1909. It was an accident of war that brought Gerd to settle in Ireland in 1947. By 1949 Gerd had established what would one day become Mourne Textiles. Gerd‘s initial intention had been to set up a Textile Design Studio designing fabrics, which were to be woven elsewhere by machine. As it turned out, she was unable to source the appropriate production and so ended up training some of the local farmers' children to hand-weave her designs. Gerd soon found herself immersed in the hand-weaving workshop, importing looms and textile machinery from Norway. One loom was crafted by the local coffin maker to her specifications; she called this the Chinese Loom as its design was influenced by the looms she had used while travelling in the Far East.

One of the most important partnerships with Mourne textiles would be the cooperation with iconic designer Robin Day. Gerd's long-standing and successful relationship with Robin Day is recorded in a letter he sent her: "Of all the rugs which I have seen, only yours have got the character enough as a background for my new designs of furniture to be exhibited at ‘La Triennale de Milano 1951’. Please can you weave for this Exhibition a rug of the approximate size: nine feet by seven feet…” Afterwards many years of continuous collaborations on exhibitions and furniture upholstery continued between the two.

From 1953-1963 Mourne Textile's production had been predominently furnishing upholstery fabrics and rugs but, during 1963-73, it increasingly became the weaving of apparel tweeds. Including a new tweeds designed for Sybil Connolly, the renowned fashion designer from Dublin.

Today three generations in, Mourne continues to create impeccable hand loomed textiles.


45cm x 45cm