Masahiro Ishikawa: Small Bud Vase

Masahiro Ishikawa's glassware has a subtly warm hue, like that of honey. Gentle waves and ripples run along the surface, making it a pleasure to hold in your hand. Mouth-blown in Japan, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Made by  Masahiro Ishikawa
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  ø6cm x H6.5cm

Please be aware that due to the hand-made nature of the work, each piece of glassware is one-of-a-kind, with slight differences in form and dimension to be expected.

Masahiro Ishikawa is a Tokyo-born glassmaker currently based in Hayashima, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Since studying under Shinzo Kodani in 1999, he has distinguished himself in creating straightforward, functional glassware for everyday use. He has shown his award-winning work at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, dedicated to the hand-crafted art of ordinary people (mingei). In 2019 he held a national tour for the 20th anniversary of his business.

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