• October 25, 2019

    Ingegerd Råman Solo Exhibition

    On October 24th we hosted Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman in a solo exhibition at Mjölk. It's been years in the making, with many wonderful visits in between. We were first enthusiastically introduced to Ingegerd via Eero Koivisto of architect firm Claesson Koivisto Rune back in 2013 (incidentally, pendant light over table is by them). Over the years we have built our relationship with visits both to Ingegerd’s Stockholm studio and at the summer home in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. We featured the summer home and pottery studio in Mjolk Volume IV, available via the webshop.


    Shop the Exhibition here.



    Flower vases stacked, can be used together or separately, or stored for efficiency. As the days grow shorter, we've been enjoying the candle holder (only a few left!) at our dinner table. 


    Working in black, white and terracotta glazes makes it more about form, which is pleasing to behold, touch and use. 


    Gorgeous flower arrangements by Reiko (@momentbyreiko), as usual.


    Our mutual friend Pia Wallen was present for the show as well.


    Black on black, with a selection of glassware designed by Ingegerd Råman for Kimura in Japan. You can see that Ingegerd's sense of shape is refined and uniform across mediums. Being able to stack items is about storage, but also about visual interest.


    Set of three plant pots in terracotta with Råman's stamp.


    Plant pots stacked.



  • September 20, 2019

    Tetsuya Ozawa Solo Exhibition at Mjölk

    Last night we hosted Tetsuya Ozawa in his first solo exhibition in North America.

    Visit the Mjölk webshop to see what is available.


    Ceramic works in black, white, dark red and yellow, with texture that you need to see in person. To learn more about the artist, please see our interview. Exhibition will run until mid-October.



    The large black piece on the right is the only one not on the webshop. We regret it is available for local sale only because it's too fragile to ship.


    There is a lot of variety in scale, from small cups to large vases.





    Visit the Mjölk webshop to see what is available.


    All greenery and floral arrangements by Reiko @momentbyreiko

  • July 25, 2019

    Yumi Nakamura Exhibition





    Last Wednesday evening we were thrilled to host Yumi Nakamura's first solo exhibition in North America.

    We've been in contact for four years and have been patiently waiting for her work to make it's way to us.










    The copper funnels on the top of the shelf are both functional and sculputural with their conical shape. 



    Yumi-San brought some of her personal pieces to show how the copper will patina with use. 



    Yumi begins with a flat piece of copper and hand hammers it into shape.

    The white pieces are plated in silver and glazed to achieve the milk-white finish.

    Look closely and you will see the repeated hammer marks that reveal beautiful texture to her work.









    Hand-hammered copper kettles displayed on the long teak shelf.  




     Featured above is a silver glazed teapot with rattan handle and plate, along with a nickel and silver spoon.













    Close-up of the tea pot used during the tea ceremony.  We love the beautiful blue indigo cloth that Satoe brought along with her!




















    These hand-hammered silver bowls have a lovely thin handle. They are also footed which gives

    them a floating-like appearance. 





    Yumi was joined by Satoe Moriya who performed tea ceremonies throughout the night.



    On the left: Tools from Yumi's personal collection used by Satoe. 

    Note the patina developed on hers compared the tea pot on the right.

    Over time her pieces will darken and patina with use.



    The exhibition will remain up for another week. Please visit us to see the beautiful work in person!













































  • June 21, 2019

    Renaud Sauve Rituals & Mythology Exhibition at Mjolk















    We are honoured to be hosting the third exhibiton with Quebec based potter Renaud Sauvé at Mjölk,

    June 20th - July 4th.  All available products will be available online very shortly and we welcome

    you to visit the shop to view the pieces in person.


    Crystal ball resting on porcelain stand. Above it is a framed wasps nest and on the far right is a praying rat lidded container. 



    Chant of the Altai Shaman


    An ancient chant Renaud found in a very old book . The words have been delicately reproduced

    in cursive french on porcelain tiles.  


































    Small ceramic bowls with hand motif. The blue lines are accomplished by tattooing the porcelain, a Korean technique.











    Lidded vessels with hand-carved floral pattern. 



    Beautiful flower arrangement by our talented Ikebana expert Reiko-San. Look closely to find the

    hanging porcelain head, nose and ear. 





    The blue glaze is a made using a combination of soapstone and clear glaze.  




    Porcelain bowl with various seashells. 




    It's always exciting to see another Wave tile piece from Renaud! Also pictured above, a small bowl and praying otter. 





    A gold leaf framed artwork within a walnut frame above an incense burner featuring an otter in gold. On the right side, a swan bowl on walnut stand next to a wall-mounted swan with copper hanging. 



    Porcelain bowl with enclosed hands. 


    Hanging at the end of the exhibition are several tea light holders held by thin silver chains.  When the candles are lit the porcelain glows and the intricate patterns are revealed. 



    The artist, Renaud Sauvé. 


    Thank you everyone that attended the opening last night! The exhibition will run from June 20 - July 4th. 

    The available works will be uploaded to the website very shortly. Please stay tuned!