• July 9, 2018

    The Stone House: March Update

    You've seen this photo before but something has changed.


    This is the part of the renovation where it becomes a runaway train.  Anyone who has done a large renovation before knows what I am talking about, right? You're busy patting yourself on the back because you are on budget and then all of a sudden you aren't and then you throw your hands up in the air and go all in like you're one of the Rockefellers. After giving the roof some thought we decided to invest in a cedar roof. Continuing the dreamer theme, we knew we wouldn't be satisfied by anything else. Don't worry, those green eaves troughs are being changed out too, because they either remain the forever troughs or you do it up with copper to avoid being angry every time you pull up the driveway. Very Mjölk of us.


    Inside, the painting with Pure & Original lime fresco paint continues. We decided to try the criss cross technique and it appears our painter found it challenging. The green guest room looks pretty good but the grey living room became over worked. We also found the grey wasn't what we intended, or maybe we simply had a change of heart...all I know is it was bugging us.


    Oh hello there. We've been here before. Now with pretty Pure & Original Lime Fresco paint in Skin Powder.


    We have made bathroom progress! John got the old timey styled toilet off of Wayfair, of all places. The sink is a Kohler. Originally we had bought an old stone sink from the same place as the tub but it broke before shipping. We had to scramble to find an alternative.  The sink console was made by Studio Junction.


    Favourite detail: the old door handle and latch. Heart eyes all around.


    Upstairs, we have been so fortunate to find some great workers for this project. Number one on our list is Mike from Great Lawns Property Care & Maintenance out of Belleville. Initially we hired him to do our outside yard maintenance and snow plowing but the timing was right and they were happy to take on extra work over the winter, doing odd jobs inside for us. Mike has an awesome worker, Scott, who did so much for us, including a lot of stone work thanks to his knowledge as a stone mason. He repointed sections of the interior stone and also finished off the window sills (pictured, the lime mortar is still wet which is why it's darker).


    Feeling so finished upstairs! Oh and note up in the top right corner, we added two new small windows. There were boarded up holes there so we figured the windows would finish it off well, aesthetically and also preventatively (critters). Can't wait to pull up the plastic.


    The small orchard (5 apple trees) and junk pile, looking perfectly bleak.

  • July 3, 2018

    The Stone House: Sanding Floors & Mouse Hotels

    Late February, the upstairs floors received some patch work repairs and sanding to attempt to even them out and clean the boards up.


    An exposed copper pipe was our solution to a plumbing issue that couldn't be buried.


    Finally, a mousy discovery was made under the wood windowsills: mouse hotels! We brought the window sill back to the stone while we thought about a finishing solution.


    Amazing how the sunlight transforms the space. Here you can see the smoked oak ceiling that was installed. 



    Downstairs, the bathroom is getting drywalled.


    Outside we are considering the roof, and how we can't seem to escape all the hidden leaks. Everyone says this is a tin roof for life ("they don't make them like they used to"). Originally we were going to paint it in the spring but we have decided to remove any doubt and put a new roof on.


    You may also notice that you cannot see the 6 over 6 lines on the windows. This is because we initially painted them a grey blue colour and you can't see it for the screens and bright white. In the end we decided we wanted to head in a different direction...stay tuned to see what colour we choose! 


    Ahhh February, that point in the year where you become very very done with winter.

  • June 27, 2018

    The Stone House: February update

    January was a quiet month, I am not even sure we even visited the Stone House. Work started up again in February, with the installation of new windows! 


    Originally we weren't going to invest in new windows but after evaluating the condition of the chewed out upstairs windows and deciding we wanted to replace them with 6 over 6 double hung, there was no turning back. We looked at Marvin, and dreamers do as dreamers do, we proceeded to annoy them with our seemingly ridiculous purist requests. 


    The modern window game is all about vinyl and gas filled double pane. They really had a hard time understanding our desire for wood windows. We also disputed over the visible stainless metal pieces you inevitably see in the double pane window. We knew it would bother us to no end. So we finally agreed to an energy panel solution, which is basically a removable extra window panel that sits discreetly inside the frame.


    In the end we are really happy that we replaced the windows.


    I realize I didn't really say anything about the marble tub so for those who are wondering, during John's internet wanderings, he found a place online, based out of Spain, that had acquired a bunch of decommissioned tubs from an Italian spa.  Since we already deal with importing and shipping from Europe, it wasn't as daunting of a task to order.


    Painting has started in the guest bedroom. Here you see the primer coat for Belgian Wilderness from Pure & Original paints. Trim hasn't been painted yet.



    In the parlour the primer coat for Elephant has been applied. 


    The summer kitchen has some progress to show. The beams above have all been sanded so now they contrast less with the ceiling boards. In even bigger news, the Esse stove arrived. More on this later...


    Upstairs in the bedroom, the insulation is in the ceiling and the framer has reinforced the roof, and laid the new ceiling, using smoked oak boards.


    A pretty substantial jump forward!

  • June 26, 2018

    A Frame Sign by Renaud Sauvé & Gilbert Garcia

    I cannot believe that our first A-frame sign was made seven years ago! Read about our attempt at shou sugi ban (charred cedar) and collaboration with local artist Melinda Josie over on Kitka. With all the wild weather, our sign was looking pretty rough so we commissioned Renaud Sauvé and Gilbert Garcia to create a fresh presence.


    Gilbert dropped it off near the end of last week and our minds were blown.


    Renaud created handpainted porcelain tiles...


    ...with beautiful imagery of some of the products we are known to carry.


    Contrasted with the more minimalist Open side, is this gorgeous painting that includes antiques, a vase by Renaud and a favourite Luca Nichetto design, Sucabaruca!



    A detail close up. Insert emoji with the eyes popping out of the face here.


    Gilbert Garcia did the weighted frame, with some additional beautiful brass and rope details.


    John also invested in some new trees. It's nice to have our storefront looking as nice as the interior again!