• June 21, 2019

    Renaud Sauve Rituals & Mythology Exhibition at Mjolk















    We are honoured to be hosting the third exhibiton with Quebec based potter Renaud Sauvé at Mjölk,

    June 20th - July 4th.  All available products will be available online very shortly and we welcome

    you to visit the shop to view the pieces in person.


    Crystal ball resting on porcelain stand. Above it is a framed wasps nest and on the far right is a praying rat lidded container. 



    Chant of the Altai Shaman


    An ancient chant Renaud found in a very old book . The words have been delicately reproduced

    in cursive french on porcelain tiles.  


































    Small ceramic bowls with hand motif. The blue lines are accomplished by tattooing the porcelain, a Korean technique.











    Lidded vessels with hand-carved floral pattern. 



    Beautiful flower arrangement by our talented Ikebana expert Reiko-San. Look closely to find the

    hanging porcelain head, nose and ear. 





    The blue glaze is a made using a combination of soapstone and clear glaze.  




    Porcelain bowl with various seashells. 




    It's always exciting to see another Wave tile piece from Renaud! Also pictured above, a small bowl and praying otter. 





    A gold leaf framed artwork within a walnut frame above an incense burner featuring an otter in gold. On the right side, a swan bowl on walnut stand next to a wall-mounted swan with copper hanging. 



    Porcelain bowl with enclosed hands. 


    Hanging at the end of the exhibition are several tea light holders held by thin silver chains.  When the candles are lit the porcelain glows and the intricate patterns are revealed. 



    The artist, Renaud Sauvé. 


    Thank you everyone that attended the opening last night! The exhibition will run from June 20 - July 4th. 

    The available works will be uploaded to the website very shortly. Please stay tuned! 


  • May 31, 2019

    Kuuki no Katachi / Shape of Air by Masanobu Ando at Mjölk

    Kuuki no Katachi / Shape of Air by Masanobu Ando


    We are honoured to be hosting Masanobu Ando for a fourth exhibition  at Mjölk, May 30th-June 15. All available products are live on the webshop, and we welcome you by to see the pieces in person.


    Classic white and black silver glazed ceramics, mingle with a few bowls in an interesting blue glaze.


    Lapis Lazuli Glazed Italian Rim


    What makes it a cup? The shape? The use? Is it still a cup if you cannot use it as such?


    Some new colours have been introduced: yellow and celadon green


    "Kurosabi" Vase


    "Chabako" Chinese Tea Ceremony Set


    "Indigo" White Glazed Vase


    White matte vase


    Silver glazed pieces


    "Kurosabi" Italian Deep Bowl




  • May 10, 2019

    Bedroom Paint Update: Pure & Original

    Awhile back we had our bedroom at home painted with Pure & Original fresco paint. We chose Old Linen as the colour, because we were fond of it at the stone house. It's taken awhile to get used to because it interacts differently against the warm oak vs white trim in the parlour. It simply reads as warmer and I worried for a bit that we went too warm but now it's like it's always been this way, a natural backdrop that contributes to the soothing bedroom atmosphere.


    Another subtle change in the bedroom is that we switched out our white Libri shelf for an oak version from De La Espada, in part because we wanted the oak, but also because it has one drawer to help keep all the little things tidy.





    Window box, for sitting.

    Some favourite objects along a shallow shelf, an excavated vase. 


    Looking out towards the hallway.







    Before & After


    Honestly, the white was ok at the time. The house could use a repaint all around so we started with the bedroom and decided to change move away from the white. 


    It definitely warms things up and feels less stark.


    Companions bedside table by Studioilse for De La Espada.


    Børge Mogensen Shell chair gifted by Thomas Graverson from Fredericia Furniture.


  • April 11, 2019

    Stockholm February 2019

    This final Stockholm post is laughably late. Nothing like looking at a snowy wonderland when you are anticipating the arrival of spring flowers. Alas, we arrived in Stockholm to a beautiful scene. Our go to accommodation is Hotel Skeppsholmen. It's quiet, picturesque and has a nice restaurant. The rooms are comfortable and spacious as well. We enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle.


    One highlight during design week was Luca Nichetto's collaboration with Svenskt Tenn.  Heritage uses Josef Frank's Terrazzo motif as the inspiration for a collection of Murano glass lamps. Read more about it via Svenkst Tenn's website.


    At night they have this amazing glow and float in the darkness.



    We highly recommend a visit to the Svenskt Tenn tea room. We were there to conduct an interview for our next Mjölk book, and were treated to a surprise breakfast that included yogurt, an open face sandwich and tea/coffee. 



    &tradition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Pictured is the Palette coffee table.


    &tradition news: Loafer dining chair and sofa, Mezcla table series, Copenhagen wall sconce.


    Another visit with Ingegerd Råman at her Stockholm studio. 


    A sad I Was Here photo outside of the newish CSA Carina Seth Andersson shop in Södermalm. Unfortunately we didn't check the hours first and it was Wednesday.


    A quick stop to Dry Studios, to visit again with Frama but also to check out the Transparent Speaker.




    Looking forward to getting this ceramic version of the speaker for the shop.

    Limited edition handcrafted by Hortense Montarnal in Lyon. 


    Dry Studios collaborated on a wood version, and we have the original Transparent Speaker available in the shop.


    We have some of the long Dry Studios x Frama cutting boards in stock, as well as the apothecary soaps and a rivet round table and triangolo chair. Shop Frama.


    We headed over to Sibyllegatan to hit up Modernity and Jacksons, who was also having an exhibition. IWATEMO has emerged out of the collaboration between the manufacturing techniques of Iwate and Finnish design. The collection consists of three items created collaboratively by craftsmen in Iwate and the two Finnish designers, Ville Kokkonen and Harri Koskinen: Kettles from Nambu Tekki Ironware, Wooden Chairs, and Porcelain.


    Of course this is right up our alley.


    And finally, finishing off the trip is a visit to Matbaren for some langoustines and this super cute little sausage (possibly reindeer, definitely delicious).