• December 5, 2019

    All the Way to Paris: package design

    It's been several years since we've been talking with Tanja and Petra of Copenhagen based design firm All the Way to Paris about redesigning our packaging at Mjölk.  Over the past year we've been slowly rolling out the new pieces, and recently, just in time for our 10-year anniversary, our new bags have arrived and we are over the moon with them.


    The image has a sumi ink atmosphere, while the bags have a nice texture to the touch while also being quite substantial.


    Our new graphic tissue paper is always a pleasure to use and makes great wrapping paper as well.


    We use this one often for gift wrapping.



    Reiko does the majority of our wrapping. She often uses dried flowers to top it off.


    We carry three styles of blank greeting cards


    For Minka, ATWTP designed all our materials.


    They designed the cover of Minka A/W 19.


    Minka business card and stickers.


    Postcard and stamps.







  • October 25, 2019

    Ingegerd Råman Solo Exhibition

    On October 24th we hosted Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman in a solo exhibition at Mjölk. It's been years in the making, with many wonderful visits in between. We were first enthusiastically introduced to Ingegerd via Eero Koivisto of architect firm Claesson Koivisto Rune back in 2013 (incidentally, pendant light over table is by them). Over the years we have built our relationship with visits both to Ingegerd’s Stockholm studio and at the summer home in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. We featured the summer home and pottery studio in Mjolk Volume IV, available via the webshop.


    Shop the Exhibition here.



    Flower vases stacked, can be used together or separately, or stored for efficiency. As the days grow shorter, we've been enjoying the candle holder (only a few left!) at our dinner table. 


    Working in black, white and terracotta glazes makes it more about form, which is pleasing to behold, touch and use. 


    Gorgeous flower arrangements by Reiko (@momentbyreiko), as usual.


    Our mutual friend Pia Wallen was present for the show as well.


    Black on black, with a selection of glassware designed by Ingegerd Råman for Kimura in Japan. You can see that Ingegerd's sense of shape is refined and uniform across mediums. Being able to stack items is about storage, but also about visual interest.


    Set of three plant pots in terracotta with Råman's stamp.


    Plant pots stacked.



  • September 20, 2019

    Tetsuya Ozawa Solo Exhibition at Mjölk

    Last night we hosted Tetsuya Ozawa in his first solo exhibition in North America.

    Visit the Mjölk webshop to see what is available.


    Ceramic works in black, white, dark red and yellow, with texture that you need to see in person. To learn more about the artist, please see our interview. Exhibition will run until mid-October.



    The large black piece on the right is the only one not on the webshop. We regret it is available for local sale only because it's too fragile to ship.


    There is a lot of variety in scale, from small cups to large vases.





    Visit the Mjölk webshop to see what is available.


    All greenery and floral arrangements by Reiko @momentbyreiko

  • August 1, 2019

    The Stone House: Summer Guests

    Early June, we were fortunate to host Masanobu Ando and his son Masaki-san at the stone house for a night. Ando-san performed a Chinese Tea Ceremony and the children were rapt.



    Smelling the tea leaves.


    Admiring the tiny tea cups and saucers by Masanobu Ando. 


    Farmhouse dinner, using Oji Masanori's Jicon plates, antique silverware gifted from family, antique glasses from Japan, various antique platters from Japan, Scandinavia and France and of course, our amazingly versatile Earth & Moon walnut board by Oji Masanori x Mjölk.


    Guest bedroom window, featuring an antique vase as well as two pieces by Ingegerd Råman, whom we are really looking forward to hosting in an exhibition October 24.


    A few weeks later, Renaud Sauvé and Gilbert Garcia stopped by for a night on their way back home post exhibition. John made a beautiful onion tart (recipe either in A Kitchen in France or French Country Cooking...doesn't matter, both are good reads). Oji Masanori's Earth & Moon board and Diamond Pendant both feature in our stone house kitchen.


    For dinner, a roast chicken and gravy. Arguably not very summery but easy enough! 


    First marshmallows of the season.


    Aoife the Wolfhound looking out at the bonfire (or more realistically, some animal).


    Next guest was Thom Fougere, popping in from Winnipeg for a few days.  


    Inaugural pizza from the Esse wood fired pizza oven, definitely the food highlight of the summer.  Also pictured, the Tomii Takashi wood serving bowl that is perfect for salad and our recently restocked Toolbox, which is great for cutlery and accessories that you need to tote around.