Octagonal Petal Dish (Medium)

White porcelain dishes in the shape of octagonal petals designed by Oji Masanori. The shapes and patterns are based on the old ARITA traditions but refined by the designer to fit the modern lifestyle. Microwavable, dishwasher-safe.
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Design  Oji Masanori
Manufacturer  Jicon
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  ø 17cm x H 3.3cm
Colour & Materiality  Porcelain

Oji Masanori is a Japanese designer with a special interest in the objects of everyday life—his design process involves careful consideration of the lives of its users and the manufacturing process by which it’s created. Professionally trained in calligraphy and architecture, he founded his studio in 2004 after working for several years as an architect and graphic designer. His work is strongly influenced by Japan’s rich history of craft while looking to the future of industry.

Jicon is a porcelain brand originally launched by Touetsugama kiln together with Oji Masanori. The brand name means "porcelain (Ji) in modern times (Con)." In Buddhist terms, Jicon means "seize the day.” The Touetsugama kiln originated in Mikawachi of Sasebo City in Nagasaki Prefecture, as a house kiln under the patronage of the Hirado clan. The kiln was redeployed to Arita in Saga prefecture by Imamura Shikao XII for its expansion and is currently succeeded by Imamura Kenichi XIV.