Ihanne Pendant Light by Lisa Johansson-Pape

The classic Ihanne by Lisa Johansson-Pape, originally designed in the 1950s
Delivery time: leadtime around 4 weeks

The classic Innolux Ihanne luminaire designed by Lisa Johansson-Pape has a beautiful soft-lined shade. The inner shade made of white acrylic functions as an excellent anti-glare shielding and the outer shade, which is of pressure-turned metal, has a white inside that in turn reflects light beautifully.


  • Size: Ø 420 x 240 mm

About Lisa Johansson-Pape:

Johansson-Pape’s career in the design of light fixtures began in 1942 when she designed a number of contemporary design light fixtures for the Stockmann-Orno design light factory, among others. Johansson-Pape also served as artistic director at Orno. ”It was quite by accident that I became a design light artist. By education, I am a furniture designer, but I had to make lamps during the war. The light fixtures began to interest me to such an extent that I set aside furniture design. I am slightly more interested in lamps and light than in design. I wish to provide every Finnish household with good light”.