Low English Walnut Vessel (XL)

A unique bowl made of rare English Walnut by Bobby Mills.

Design  Bobby Mills
Made in  England
Dimensions  H 15cm x ø 32cm
Colour & Materiality  English walnut, linseed oil

From Bobby Mills:

These vessels come from a rare English Walnut tree that stood for centuries in the West Sussex Countryside. The tree fell in high winds in 2016 and I was fortune enough to secure a portion of the trunk with much of the wood already having been cut for firewood.

English Walnut has become increasingly rare in recent times due to its prized status amongst cabinetmakers and gun-makers for centuries. The wonderful character is unique to English Walnut and the deep warm tones differ to those found in European Walnut or American Black Walnut.

Care instructions:

These pieces have been finished with a natural boiled linseed oil. They can be left to mellow with age or restored in time with a fresh thin coat of boiled linseed oil.

Allow these pieces to slowly acclimatize to a new space and don’t place too close to a direct heat source.