Wick Trimmer

This elegant tool allows one to adjust the wick on a candle without getting one's hands dirty.
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Design  Yamazaki Yoshiki
Made in  Japan
Dimensions Length 14cm
Material  Brass, Sakura Japanese cherry wood

Designed by YAMAZAKI Yoshiki, this is a wick trimmer made of brass and solid SAKURA (Japanese cherry) wood. The handle is wooden, making it less heat-conductive - a comfortable feature for the user. When placed, the wooden handle sits horizontally, making the tip of the trimmer tilted upward.  It is therefore designed not to stain the table with soot. One can trim the wick without feeling much heat as the grip is situated away from the tip of the trimmer.

Daiyo, with over one hundred years of history, is committed to making genuine Japanese candles and accessories using natural and environmentally sustainable materials.