Charred Rainforest Oak Vessel / 14 H x 13 Ø

Charred Rainforest Oak Vessel By Bobby Mills / 14 H x 13 Ø
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Charred Rainforest Oak Vessel
By Bobby Mills
/ 14 H x 13 Ø

From Bobby...

These oak vessels come from an old oak tree that stood close to my home and studio in temperate rainforest woodland, North Devon, UK.

A short walk from my studio is a deep wooded valley that is often thick with mist. Atlantic winds blow weather systems onto these hills and valleys creating a very wet and mild climate. The result is a diverse woodland environment classed as temperate rainforest. At the bottom of the valley the River Yeo meanders through the ancient woodland and water meadows and tree trunks are covered with thick moss. Rare lichens line the branches and trunks of old trees as they slowly grow into giants. The air is damp and has the smell of a thriving forest, deer wander and birds flit from tree to tree. After rain the river is transformed from a babble to a torrent and echoes through the trees.

The old oak these vessels come from stood low on the edge of the valley deep within the forest and fell in high winds after prolonged rains weakened it’s footings. The root plate that once secured this magnificent tree was lifted into the air and the trunk and canopy lay across a small water meadow.

The vessels were turned on a traditional woodworking lathe then finished with a small carving knife before being slowly charred.

Care instructions

These works have been finished with a natural boiled linseed oil. Thet can be left to mellow with age or restored in time with a fresh thin coat of boiled linseed oil.

Allow them slowly acclimatize to a new space and don’t place too close to a direct heat source.