Cecile Daladier, Vase Anniversaire

Cecile Daladier, Vase Anniversaire / Anniversary vase see more information below
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Cecile Daladier,
Vase Anniversaire / Anniversary vase

The centre of the vase can be used for a small candle, and there are small holes to place flower stems.

Cécile Daladier was born in 1955 in Paris, France. She lives and works in rural Drôme, France. Daladier’s artistic practice is one informed by the elements and processes of the natural world. Her multidisciplinary body of work contains abstract paintings, environmental art, installations, objects and gardens.

Materials central to Cécile Daladier’s oeuvre include flowers and water. Whilst being active in fields at times close to large scale installations, Cécile Daladier’s current focus is to engage with ceramics.

Diameter 9.5cm