Cracked Holm Oak Vessel (No. 2)

One-of-a-kind bowl carved by Bobby Mills from a fallen oak tree. The vessels were turned on a traditional woodworking lathe, then finished with a small carving knife before being slowly charred.
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Design  Bobby Mills
Made in  United Kingdom
Dimensions  ø20cm x H19cm
Colour & Materiality  Oak

Bobby Mills understands his work to be a collaboration with nature as he directly responds to the fundamental grain structures and character of each piece of wood he works with. He is guided by both the wood and his hands as he reads and explores the centuries of growth in an attempt to unearth what the wood wants to be; a bench perhaps, or a delicately carved vessel.

Mills’ furniture pieces and other wooden objects explore the relationships that exist between human-centred design and nature-centred design as he seeks to celebrate the inherent natural beauty, complexity, and unique qualities of each piece of wood he works.