AA High Stool Pure Oak (2 Piece Set)

Article code A-B1060003
Products by Ishinomaki Laboratory have derived an irreplaceable charm from the curves, knots, holes, coloration, and other natural aspects of the wood used, lending to a sense of purity and strength.
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Design  Ishinomaki Laboratory
Manufacturer  Karimoku Case Study
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  48cm W x 39cm D x 70cm H
Colour & Materiality  Oak

Karimoku’s factories make every effort to use materials efficiently without waste, but inevitably offcuts and other residual wood output are still produced during the manufacturing process. Along with various hardwoods that are undervalued and underutilized and wood marked with insect-eaten holes or scratches from birds such as woodpeckers, it was thought that with Ishinomaki Laboratory’s designs, such wood that otherwise would be considered unsuitable in furniture making might be utilized and treasured.Making use of these previously disregarded woods species, this material-based emphasis results in the production of long-loved, high-quality pieces. Through stimulating forestry’s economic cycle and rebuilding the symbiotic relationship between people and forests, Ishinomaki Laboratory by Karimoku strives to realize a sustainable, flourishing society.