• August 1, 2019

    The Stone House: Summer Guests

    Early June, we were fortunate to host Masanobu Ando and his son Masaki-san at the stone house for a night. Ando-san performed a Chinese Tea Ceremony and the children were rapt.



    Smelling the tea leaves.


    Admiring the tiny tea cups and saucers by Masanobu Ando. 


    Farmhouse dinner, using Oji Masanori's Jicon plates, antique silverware gifted from family, antique glasses from Japan, various antique platters from Japan, Scandinavia and France and of course, our amazingly versatile Earth & Moon walnut board by Oji Masanori x Mjölk.


    Guest bedroom window, featuring an antique vase as well as two pieces by Ingegerd Råman, whom we are really looking forward to hosting in an exhibition October 24.


    A few weeks later, Renaud Sauvé and Gilbert Garcia stopped by for a night on their way back home post exhibition. John made a beautiful onion tart (recipe either in A Kitchen in France or French Country Cooking...doesn't matter, both are good reads). Oji Masanori's Earth & Moon board and Diamond Pendant both feature in our stone house kitchen.


    For dinner, a roast chicken and gravy. Arguably not very summery but easy enough! 


    First marshmallows of the season.


    Aoife the Wolfhound looking out at the bonfire (or more realistically, some animal).


    Next guest was Thom Fougere, popping in from Winnipeg for a few days.  


    Inaugural pizza from the Esse wood fired pizza oven, definitely the food highlight of the summer.  Also pictured, the Tomii Takashi wood serving bowl that is perfect for salad and our recently restocked Toolbox, which is great for cutlery and accessories that you need to tote around.


  • May 10, 2019

    Bedroom Paint Update: Pure & Original

    Awhile back we had our bedroom at home painted with Pure & Original fresco paint. We chose Old Linen as the colour, because we were fond of it at the stone house. It's taken awhile to get used to because it interacts differently against the warm oak vs white trim in the parlour. It simply reads as warmer and I worried for a bit that we went too warm but now it's like it's always been this way, a natural backdrop that contributes to the soothing bedroom atmosphere.


    Another subtle change in the bedroom is that we switched out our white Libri shelf for an oak version from De La Espada, in part because we wanted the oak, but also because it has one drawer to help keep all the little things tidy.





    Window box, for sitting.

    Some favourite objects along a shallow shelf, an excavated vase. 


    Looking out towards the hallway.







    Before & After


    Honestly, the white was ok at the time. The house could use a repaint all around so we started with the bedroom and decided to change move away from the white. 


    It definitely warms things up and feels less stark.


    Companions bedside table by Studioilse for De La Espada.


    Børge Mogensen Shell chair gifted by Thomas Graverson from Fredericia Furniture.


  • November 28, 2018

    The Stone House: The Big Window

    Our last weekend at the stone house was all about the large window reveal! Custom made by Peter Tan of Studio Junction, we filled the natural opening that was once a drive through for the horse and buggy, with a large picture window. Literal definition of picture window.


    Of course I forgot my actual camera to document such a momentous occasion, so iphone will have to do!


    We woke up to a blanket of snow, a pretty perfect first experience.


    Children for scale. Also, how great is it when your kids fight over who gets to wash the window? So great.


    Originally the window was to go to the floor, but there happened to be a concrete pad already in place to use and we needed to shore it up a bit on the bottom. The bench is an elegant solution that allows for a place to perch.


    A winter wonderland!


    Time to get cozy inside.


    We received a delivery of furniture, which filled out the sitting area nicely. John found an antique Orkney chair, which we've long admired. The Poet Sofa needed to join us too. 


    We recently fixed all of our Braun record players so one came to the stone house. Currently listening to RAM, inspired by Paul and Linda's country house. Peter Tan of Studio Junction and his amazing crew put together this walnut bookcase with the leftover wood from the storage cabinet.


    Looking towards the partially finished kitchen...


    The kids went outside by themselves for a bit!


    Board game and soup o'clock.


    Photogenic in sunlight.


    Photogenic when overcast.

  • November 12, 2018

    The Stone House: First Snow

    A few weeks ago we got to experience the first dusting of snow at the stone house.


    Pure magic!


    Peter Tan of Studio Junction and his crew have been working at the stone house weekly to get the last bit of the reno completed. Up the path, you can see that the large picture window has been installed. They unfortunately tortured us all weekend with the plastic covering, but I guess good things come to those who wait.


    Another view of the picture window. This window has taken on various iterations in our imaginings. A large swing door inspired by Donald Judd was the top runner for the longest time, however, in the end in order to cut on costs, we decided it wasn't the most logical expense since we plan to inhabit this place more so in the winter time! The other version was to have a fixed window with a door, but I really felt it was important to have an uninterrupted view. I am very pleased with how the fixed window is turning out, as a deep bench has been fashioned from the inside, perfect for daydreaming.


    The kids finally emerged...


    This massive tree was still green, it's leaves so thick it was actually raining under the canopy. Unfortunately we missed seeing it turn yellow, and by the time we return all the leaves will be on the ground. Hoping to make a massive leaf pile to jump in.


    The snow was perfect for snowballs and snow people/pets. I shared some of those photos on my Instagram stories.


    Inside view of the picture window and Studio Junction temporary work station. Next visit this window area will be complete! In the meantime, we were debating what to do with this extra space. It was always meant to be a more raw workspace, a spot to get messy with paint and clay. That said, the window beckons for some cozy seating. I feel like the window will be our tv and we will want to sit in front of it all day long. 


    Another progress view. On the right you see a walnut cabinet that will be used to store winter gear, cleaning materials and any other things we don't want to look at. The cut out in the middle allows light through to the wood door, and also acts as a peekaboo to the outside when you enter. Additionally, that void offers a spot to sit for lacing boots.  



    A little sneak peek of a gorgeous antique cabinet purchased from Japan.  Acquiring that was a not fun adventure - antiquing in Japan from Canada is...discouraged. Also pictured is the Sutoa Drawers from FRAMA. We plan on using it in the creative space.



    We had our first impromptu guests over the weekend. Alex Fida of Angeline's Inn and House of Falconer--check out his instagram @alexfida to see his own renovation/restoration projects--in PEC popped by with some friends. Alex had originally looked at the house when it was for sale so it was exciting to show him all the work we'd done. Thankfully John had overbought food from the Cheese Boutique so we were set to receive guests--though we were short on chairs and plates!


    Pictured here is the amazing serving bowl with handle by Tomii Takashi and some brass servers by Mami Hasegawa. We don't currently have it listed on the website but we do have a few of the serving bowls available in the showroom ($720-$780).