• August 27, 2018

    Norihiko Terayama Exhibition: Things that were arranged

    For years people have admired Norihiko Terayama's large scale flower artwork in our showroom. It was time for another visit from Norihiko and this time he brought with him some versions of this artwork to sell in his second solo exhibition at Mjölk. Unfortunately we are nervous to ship these pieces outside of Toronto, due to their fragility but there are some smaller pieces available here.


    Along with the framed works, there were flower interventions on found objects and antiques.


    Antique wooden bucket with floating flowers.


    Lidded urushi bowl with floating flowers (one left).


    Antique Lacquerware container with floating flowers.


    We had three flower rulers available as well. Turns out Norihiko has a few more back in Japan that he will send us. Please email us if you are interested. 


    Most of the Polygons sold at the event. There are a few beauties left. 


    Crust of Polygon, Object 1


    Crust of Polygon, Object 2


    Crust of Polygon, Object 3


    The opening reception was a lovely evening. It's always so heartwarming how engaged everyone is.


    Norihiko Terayama at Mjölk.

  • August 21, 2018

    Stone House: the parlour

    Ta da! New wall colour in the living room! 


    We switched out the overworked and underwhelming Elephant Grey for Pure & Original's Old Linen. We are so happy with the change. The room feels calm and warm, and it doesn't interfere with the view outside. It also has less contrast with the chair rail.


    I'm going to be honest, I am kind of sad that I am all caught up with these renovation posts. In July we got another shipment of furniture to the stone house. The vintage pieces have been loboriously aquired over the previous two years (remember we put our offer on the stone house back in 2016). 


    Furniture in the room:

    Mayor Sofa by Arne Jacobsen from &tradition in gold velvet. 

    Fly coffee table by Space Copenhagen from &tradition in smoked oak base and Pietro di Fossena marble top.

    Vintage chair by Charlotte Perriand.

    Vintage Piano by Poul Henningsen (!)

    Vintage rug Snäckorna by Barbro Nilsson.

    Vintage rug Hästhov by Marianne Richter.

    Framed drawing on left by Sean Stewart.

    Framed painting on right by Ellesworth Kelly.


    Accessories in the room:

    On the left windowsill, a candleholder gift from Malin Appelgren.

    On the right windowsill, a sculpture by Falke Svantun.

    On the table, sculptures by Masanobu Ando and Keisuke Iwata, accompanied by the Pallo vase
    by Carina Seth Andersson.

    On the sofa, a lovely soft Japanese Yak Wool blanket from Jurgen Lehl,
    which I used this past weekend outside on the new bench, a pillow by Jaime Hayon, and a pillow from Mourne Textiles.


    Vintage light fixture is by Vilhelm Lauritzen. These fixtures were site specific, for a place called Christiansborg. We actually bought one for a client project and then lucked out finding another one for our own place!


    A better view of the Hästhov (coltsfoot) rug, and a shaker stand for candlemaking.


    The unresolved corner, recently a little more resolved since we brought the second of the Peacock chairs over...

    they just begged to stay a pair though we had initially hoped to fund the purchase of one with the sale of the other.


    Kalmar Hase floor light brings quiet sophistication to the scene.


    We have been debating moving an artwork to this wall from home. It's a Joshua Jensen-Nagle piece, all moody and the right colours...but is it too glossy?


    What do you think?  (let us know via Instagram @mjolkshop or @juli_at_mjolk or @john_at_mjolk)

















    The kakelugn looks right at home in this 1840s Georgian parlour room.












  • August 15, 2018

    The Stone House: First Sleepover

    Our first sleep over at the stone house occured over a kid-free May long weekend.


    On the way we stopped at Yorkdale Mall to buy some linens for our bed, only to discover that RH only sells via online (despite their new lavish mall showroom). Scandalized, we grabbed a bite at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, which was actually quite good. We are Jamie fans. I preamble with this to say that we didn't really arrive until about 3pm.


    We set up the bedroom. Well, at least the kids who aren't here with us are all set up.  We slept on the mattress cover.


    The upstairs woodstove didn't end up where we had planned, which is making the space cramped in one corner. Kind of annoying but where we wanted it we had to install the kakelugn, who's pipe comes right up through the floor to the roof. We had really wanted a sitting area for in front of it but now I am not sure what's going to happen.


    The kid's beds are from Ikea.


    Early kitchen set up: it's called making do. We have a fridge, a bar cart, a stove and a kitchen table. Keen eyes will note that our table is the Enfield Table, our own production. Early review: we love it.


    Here John is firing up the wood cook stove for the first reheat our leftover pasta from earlier in the day. 


    While we unpack our meagre kitchen items we realize we forgot one essential: mugs for our morning coffee. It's getting late in the day as far as small town life is concerned so I do the 7 minute drive into Stirling and find a little candy/novelty shop that is open. Success and relief! The town provides.


    While we wait for the stove to fire up, we go on a walk about.



    Our lawn maintenance pal Mike makes sure to mow us a path through the meadow, as well as a few openings to the stream, making it quite pleasant to wander around and check out all the sights.


    Look at that copper trough. So. worth. it. 


    We were in total awe of the light on this particular evening. It was the warmest of welcomes. The trim, having been painted recently from white to drop cloth, was the perfect choice.


    Walking through our small orchard that is comprised of about 5 apple trees, with I think two varieties of apple. Last year we didn't get any apples but the year prior we had some really tasty ones.


    You can see the drive shed in the background. To the immediate left would be the farmer fields (not our property). To the right is a tiny sliver of a forest, and then the stream.


    This was the first time we experienced spring at the stone house.  Apple blossoms!


    Two more angles.


    A peek inside the drive shed, with feed bag ghosts.



    Dinner is served, in Jicon dinnerware.


    Time for another walk about. The view from what will become a corn field (not ours).



    That night we watched some Westworld and then a bat woke us up at 3am.


    Our first morning waking up. I am shocked that this photo was taken at 9:52am, seeing as how the sunlight just comes right on in, and we wake up to the vistas that surround us. Then again, we continue to be sleep deprived parents, in this case, without said children to deprive us.


    Coffee table is the Fly with Pietro di Fossena top.



    The gloomy day was actually lovely to experience. We anticipate many gloomy days ahead. Lighting is essential. 


    Left is the Kalmar Hase floor light and a Castor oil lamp
    which is one of our favourite things to use at the stone house.


    Right is the inaugural kakelugn lighting...base plate to follow this coming weekend!


    I think we just puttered about after breakfast. John installed stuff, I scraped the paint off some windows (the exterior painters sure made a mess of them!).


    Lunch time already? Keeping it simple.


    Very pleased to see a lilac tree out the living room window. This was the first window I cleaned and I loved sitting on the sofa just gazing out this window.


    Time to walk about! This is from the driveway. John has Piet Oudolf meadow dreams for this space.

    Spoiler alert: grass won, not by our choice but by its sheer tenacity.


    View from the road. Farmer's field is not ours. Our land is kind of triangle shaped. To the left of our drive is a little bunch of trees and a stream and the property widens out past the house.


    Took a walk to check out all the lilacs growing roadside. Can you smell it?



    The old pasture and holding pen, lined with lilacs.


    Foraging some dandelion leaves.


    What are these yellow plants? Pretty in the spring but they run absolutely WILD and take over.

    They are next to the stream.


    Heating up dinner. I mentioned it's all about slow living right? I am literally posting photos in order that they happened. This was our day. Puttering, eating and walking about.


    I can't get enough of this oil lamp.


    Dinner is served, courtesy of Matty Matheson's leftover summer stew that he served at Mjölk's Brian Richer exhibition opening.


    On this evening, we were also visited by a bat. I will assume it was the same bat as the first night. There always seems to be one bat. I of course know there are like 50 bats, but there is only ever one at a time inside. It's like they stumble in accidentally, I can't even figure out from where because we sealed so much up. Anyway, this time John managed to get it downstairs and out the door, using a Jaime Hayon Pillow.


    On our last day we grudgingly decided to get the primer painted. We added water to the can because the paint is quite thick (suggested) and used a regular roller for this part, just like you would with regular paint.


    Not gonna lie, painting always seems like a great idea, like no big deal when you start, but it always takes longer than expected. Then again, the results are worth it.


    Final lunch of the weekend. Riveting.

  • August 14, 2018

    The Stone House: Moving in

    The plastic is off the floor and we've started to move furniture in!


    First you will notice that we sanded the original floors down, applied lye and soap to get the pale natural look.


    Actually who am I kidding, the first thing you probably noticed is the gorgeous Märta Måås-Fjetterström Snäckorna rug, designed by Barbro Nilsson in 1943. Dream rug won at auction.


    Also in the photo is a vintage Hans Wegner Peacock Chair with Icelandic Sheepskin and a Shaker Yarn Basket from our That Is Best Which Works Best Exhibition.


    I don't really want to spend much time indulging you in this living room as is here. I do like for you to see that sometimes one has to go with one's gut and make a change--and that yes, even we make mistakes. The grey was chosen when we had a completely different intention, and it turned out to not even be the grey we intended! Between not feeling settled on the colour, and the painter overworking it anyway, it wasn't such an ordeal to have to repaint it ourselves. Plus we got the opportunity to work with the Pure & Original paint product we are selling at the shop. I am pretty sure you are going to like where we do end up taking it (two posts from now)!


    The sofa is the Mayor Sofa by Arne Jacobsen. Gold velvet with smoked oak legs, you may have seen it in the showroom. More photos to come.


    That Playsam Saab Roadster ride on car has been sitting in our basement for 8 years. We originally had it in the showroom when we carried Playsam, but it never sold and since we knew we were having kids we figured we'd just hold onto it. Because of it's width I found when the kids were smaller they couldn't make it go, so now they are just the perfect age for it and they had fun zooming around the summer kitchen on their first visit up.


    In the upstairs bedroom we have the unique issue of three beds in one room ("Goodnight Ma! Goodnight Pa!"). We looked for a long time to find something a bit more fun for the kids, but not so much fun that it clashed with the grownup natural linen vibe.


    Camomile London is a splurge, but these linens should last us a long time. We liked that we could layer different prints and colours. Unfortunately when we were buying they were quite sold out (Elodie is more a purple kid) but we made it work pretty well I think.


    This photo was taken after unpacking the linens in the guest bedroom. More on this rug later.


    Some teaser shots of the upstairs. It's completely different than we first imagined.


    Let's check in on the bathroom again, just because it's pretty and the trim is now painted.


    Gubi Bestlight sconce, Circle Mirror from FRAMA, Apothecary Hand Wash from FRAMA, Sink from Kohler, White Oak basin stand made by Studio Junction, towels from Momogusa. Skin Powder lime fresco paint from Pure & Original.