• June 26, 2018

    A Frame Sign by Renaud Sauvé & Gilbert Garcia

    I cannot believe that our first A-frame sign was made seven years ago! Read about our attempt at shou sugi ban (charred cedar) and collaboration with local artist Melinda Josie over on Kitka. With all the wild weather, our sign was looking pretty rough so we commissioned Renaud Sauvé and Gilbert Garcia to create a fresh presence.


    Gilbert dropped it off near the end of last week and our minds were blown.


    Renaud created handpainted porcelain tiles...


    ...with beautiful imagery of some of the products we are known to carry.


    Contrasted with the more minimalist Open side, is this gorgeous painting that includes antiques, a vase by Renaud and a favourite Luca Nichetto design, Sucabaruca!



    A detail close up. Insert emoji with the eyes popping out of the face here.


    Gilbert Garcia did the weighted frame, with some additional beautiful brass and rope details.


    John also invested in some new trees. It's nice to have our storefront looking as nice as the interior again!



  • June 20, 2018

    Tomii Takashi

    It's taken awhile but we are excited to get some new pieces from Japanese wood artisan Tomii Takashi.


    We visited Tomii Takashi at his home in Japan years ago, and featured him in an interview in Mjolk Book Volume II. I thought it may be fun to share a few outtakes from that visit. Tomii and his family have since moved to a new home further north, so we hope to visit again one day.


    First stop was Gallery Yamahon. Set in the countryside, the gallery carries works by contemporary Japanese artisans. True to Japanese style, they also have a nice cafe for refreshments.


    The view across the street from the gallery. 


    Off to lunch!


    Missing Japanese food right now. There sure is a dearth of quality in our area. The closest we have are Imanishi and Shunoko, but boy could we use something closer!


    We arrive at Tomii's home, located in a pastoral setting, in an old farmhouse. As mentioned he has since moved from here, but it was so great to be able to see this type of home personally.


    Time for sweets and tea.


    Some beautiful objects along the windowsill.


    Checking out our first ever order with Tomii.


    Heading out to the wood studio, about a 10-15 minute drive away in an old school.


    Working on a blossom dish.


    Check out Mjolk Book Volume II for more!

  • June 18, 2018

    The Stone House: Marble Tub

    Super not cool of us to be posting winter photos when summer is just getting started (then again, we have a heat warning today in Toronto so...maybe this will cool you down?). We'll try to get through this as quickly as possible. But winter is one of the reasons we bought this property. To have a place to escape to, to be able to play outside in the snow. 


    Right before the New Year, we headed to the stone house to meet a special delivery: an antique marble tub from Europe. We told you we were dreamers...


    For this particular delivery we enlisted the skills of Braymore. We've used this company three times (twice for pianos) and they are the best with moving special and challenging large scale items. Not only are they incredibly professional, they are courteous and pleasant.


    On the left is where the tub will go. You can get a peek at the sanded floor! The effort that went into sanding the layers of shellac off these floors should not be underestimated. Many sanding pads were used in the effort.


    On the right, the tub made it in one piece into the kitchen. Here the movers are calculating the next step of getting it down a ramp into the bathroom, without it falling through the floor, which is reinforced but not throughout the entire space. I'll post the nail biting video to @mjolkshop instagram stories.





    Meanwhile, the plasterer is busy working in the living room.


    Slowly lowering the tub to the floor, using a system of blocks.


    Mission accomplished! 

  • June 13, 2018

    The Stone House: December Progress

    Wallpaper has been fully removed and plaster repair has begun. 


    Don't you just adore the mottled plaster? Maybe we should have kept it. We didn't. But our paint decision in the guest bedroom was informed by the current colour. We chose Pure & Original's Belgian Wilderness (and later we also chose the same colour for our back showroom at Mjolk!).


    Check out the simple but nice molding in the windows. We'll be keeping all the molding.


    Out in the living room, the walls also have an interesting texture and colour (which, spoiler alert, subconsciously ends up informing our colour choice as well).  The light continues to be beautiful, even in December.


    This side, not as much! 


    The summer kitchen is coming along! The concrete has been poured, and there is a new drop ceiling of whitewashed rough boards. We're thinking the beams need some refinishing now.


    The green tape on the floor is us trying to figure out how the kitchen will be placed. We've worked through many variations as the space is a bit odd, with several doors, and a low window.


    You can see here that one of the beams has been refinished. It's nice to have things fresh and bright. Originally when we started this project we wanted to head in a darker more moody aesthetic but we can't seem to help ourselves with the pale wood.


    Not much has happened upstairs, besides being cleaned up. There is frost on the inside of the roof...a worrisome sight since we have no aspirations to replace the roof...