Past Events

  • Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary

    Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary

    January 17-26, 2020

    Join us in celebrating our 10 year anniversary, with new product designs launching by Japanese designer Oji Masanori, Norwegian design firm Anderssen & Voll, and Canadian designer Thom Fougere. Over the years we have collaborated with these and more international designers such as Claesson Koivisto Rune and Luca Nichetto, to produce an in-house line that is made locally in and around Toronto. 

    Opening Reception will be held Friday, January 17. More details to follow.

  • Ingegerd Råman

    Ingegerd Råman

    October 24, 2019

    We are really excited about closing out our 2019 exhibition year with Swedish design matriarch Ingegerd Raman. We were first enthusiastically introduced to Ingegerd via Eero Koivisto of Claesson Koivisto Rune back in 2013.  Over the years we have built our relationship with visits both to Ingegerd’s Stockholm studio and at the summer home she shares with her husband Claes in Skåne. We featured the summer home and pottery studio in Mjolk Volume IV. 

  • Tetsuya Ozawa

    Tetsuya Ozawa

    September 19, 2019

    After having Tetsuya Ozawa's work in our showroom, we are looking forward to welcoming Ozawa-san for his first exhibition outside of Japan. 
    After graduating from the Nagoya University of the Arts in 2008, he apprenticed under ceramicist Mr. Masamichi Yoshikawa.
    Based now in Tokoname, his work is an exploration in texture and elegance. 


  • Yumi Nakamura - Solo Exhibition

    Yumi Nakamura - Solo Exhibition

    July 24, 2019

    We are pleased to host Yumi Nakamura’s first North American exhibition at Mjölk. 
    Yumi is based in Nara, Japan where she produces beautiful hand hammered copper and silver 
    works. The exhibition will include a tea ceremony by Satoe Moriya using tea ceremony utensils
    made by Yumi. 

    From the artist:

    Forging of metals, creating and following the outline of my work. 
    I think my eyes are always aiming to create the space around the object. The atmosphere
    and the sense of the work are really my creations...

    This is my first solo exhibition in North America. I would love for everyone to touch and feel my 
    creations and i am so excited to hear how Canadian people think and feel about them. I am very 
    much looking forward to it. 

  • Renaud Sauve - Rituals and Mythology

    Renaud Sauve - Rituals and Mythology

    June 20, 2019

    Please join us in welcoming Quebec based potter Renaud Sauve for his second exhibition at Mjolk.

    From the artist:

    Something at some embryonic stage thirsts for existence.
    Midway through my life, I find myself in the forest with trees, rocks in a turbulent river, waterfalls, swirls...
    and collapsed banks that sometimes uncover large patches of blue or green clay: what a sight!
    Nature and art are indeed linked.
    Often before I open my eyes, when I am just emerging from sleep, motifs and patterns pop up:
    they are ghost images that I pick up and smooth away.  I try to grab hold of these fluid and light images as I wake up and move to my workshop.
    Everytthing is changing, shifting and altering.
    Rituals and mythology are two ways of communions. Each one hollows out a space for the other. Repeated actions and words merge into the porcelain. Thay are in need of shapes and motifs.

    Slowly, silently
    space is being carved out
    I am not the same anymore

    The rest if yours.

    Renaud Sauve was born in Montreal, Quebec, where he has lived and practised for many years. Between 1978 and 1982 he spent time with his family living in Congo. His family returned to Quebec and later he studied both ceramics and philosophy, working in a number of mediums: painting, fresco and mosaic. Before starting Atelier des Cent-ans in 2010, he worked with Cirque du Soleil as prop master. 

  • Masanobu Ando: Kuuki no Katachi

    Masanobu Ando

    Kuuki no Katachi

    May 30, 2019 - June 16, 2019

    We are excited to welcome Masanobu Ando back to Mjölk with a new collection of ceramics.
    His work is centered around the everyday ritual and is both beautiful and functional.

    Masanobu Ando's works are are made to suit both Western and Eastern lifestle. Making
    kitchenware and tea ceremony items for everyday life. His contemporary art piece series
    "Kekkai - boundary / the sacred area" is one of his more significant series. His life work
    is introducing a new style of "Chano-Yu" (Japanese tea ceremony), and also Chinese
    tea ceremony. Masanobu Ando has had multiple exhibitions and tea ceremonies worldwide.  

  • Things that were arranged: Norihiko Terayama Solo Exhibition

    Things that were arranged

    Norihiko Terayama Solo Exhibition

    August 23, 2018 - September 7, 2018

    A solo exhibition by Japanese artist and designer Norihiko Terayama exploring our relationship with nature. 

  • Non-Finito: A solo exhibition of captive stone carving by Brian Richer of Castor Design


    A solo exhibition of captive stone carving by Brian Richer of Castor Design

    May 17-31, 2018

    The Captive (or ‘unfinished’) figures of Michelangelo are the primary inspiration for the series by Brian Richer. The Creative Director at Castor Design is also a trained stone carver. He has worked on many architecturally significant buildings in North America, and has explored captives for years.  

    The Captive sculptures are simple forms, carved using only hand tools, mallet, and chisel. Unlike most sculptors—who built a model and then marked up their block of marble to know where to carve—Michelangelo always worked freehand. He saw the sculptor’s job was to reveal the work that already existed within the stone. In these figures one can still see the grooves from the chisel, the process of the work, revealing the hand of the sculptor.

    The Captive collection is one that presents classic forms (such as a stone bowl, a Shaker table, a Donald Judd chair, etc.) emerging from rough blocks of Indiana Limestone. Each object is partially consumed by the natural material in either a roughed or rectilinear shape. The series ascribes the same value to these pieces of furniture that is given to Michelangelo’s figures. The result is both recognizable and venerable at once.

    Ace Hill drinks and stew will be served at the opening reception by Brian Richer and chef Matty Matheson.


  • Keisuke and Michiko IWATA: An exhibition of ceramic work and sculpture

    Keisuke and Michiko IWATA

    An exhibition of ceramic work and sculpture

    September 27, 2017 - October 15, 2017

    Michiko Iwata and Keisuke Iwata, two artists working within two mediums towards a common affinity for creating objects deeply rooted in their surroundings. 

    Motivated to illuminate the power and presence of discarded and undervalued ephemera, Michiko shapes simple three-dimensional geometric objects from wood, and layers them with acrylic paint and found vintage paper from around her atelier in Fukutsu city. The resulting work is a meditation on natural cycles of deterioration and rejuvenation present in contemporary urban life.

    Attracted to pottery at a young age, Keisuke draws inspiration from the natural shapes common in river stones and found objects, such as seashells. By shaping and impressing the clay, Keisuke thoughtfully manifests his personal memories into gentle and tangible forms. An element of chance is then introduced in the firing process, where textures and burns form to make each piece truly remarkable.

  • Template for Gardens: Yam Lau

    Template for Gardens

    Yam Lau

    September 17, 2017

    Template for Gardens by Yam Lau is an architectural intervention that frames and re-orientates the interior of Mjölk. A text by Derek Coulombe accompanies the project.

    Yam Lau is an artist based in Toronto.  He teaches at York University and operates China Town, a project venue for art and design with his partner Morna Gamblin

    Derek Coulombe is an artist and writer based in Toronto. Currently he is a candidate in the practice-based PhD program in the Department of Visual Arts and Art History at York University.

  • Mami Hasegawa - Dialogues in Silver

    Mami Hasegawa - Dialogues in Silver

    July 12, 2017 - August 12, 2017

    My ideas are shaped through my vision of ancient times.
    I imagine Egypt and the Islamic Middle East in the year 3000 BC. During that time, the skills, techniques, arts and the beauty of craftsmanship passed through the Silk Road by nomads. It travelled to the East and into China, and through this continued trade and dialogue new styles began to be developed and eventually perfected. When I look at these works, crafts, arts, metal works, glass, pottery and lacquerware...I feel like a time traveler who travels between space and time. I hope to continue to create my own work through this vision.

  • Réunion - Nichetto x Mjölk

    Réunion - Nichetto x Mjölk

    February 8, 2017

    2014 marked the encounter between Nichetto Studio and Canadian brand Mjölk. Three years later comes Réunion Lamp, to celebrate their fruitful collaboration by paying tribute to all the project designed together. As a fully international project, Réunion Lamp assembles together a powder coated metal shell made in Canada and a mouth blown glass body crafted in Murano. Réunion Lamp fuses the most significant lines of Sucabaruca and Aureola and harmoniously combines them with the materials and finishings from Uki and Zen/Han. By reinventing the past, the result is a minimalist table lamp with a strong identity.

  • That Is Best Which Works Best

    That Is Best Which Works Best

    January 18-23, 2017

    As part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Mjolk presents That Is Best Which Works Best, a group exhibition which sets out to examine how past craft movements have informed contemporary practice. By looking towards the Shaker movement, many designers, artisans and craftspeople have found a distinct aesthetic informed by a philosophical practice. For this exhibition, Mjolk combines the work of Norwegian designer Hallgeir Homstvedt, Canadian designers Thom Fougere and Jason Collett, alongside museum-quality Shaker objects. The result of this combination facilitates conversation about how objects are designed and used. These designers look to create products which communicate the idea of functional, timeless design.

  • Bestiary: An exhibition of porcelain works by Renaud Sauve of Atelier des Cent-ans


    An exhibition of porcelain works by Renaud Sauve of Atelier des Cent-ans

    October 26, 2016 - November 9, 2016

    "You don’t really know why, but sometimes images are there wanting you and opening onto mysteries. They’ve been around us for so long. Some 40,000 years ago on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, humans painted animals in caves. Today, many animals still live in the imagination of humans who use them for decorative purposes, to articulate what cannot be expressed, to transcend their fears or poetically render the details of the real world into another. 

    In my mind, the attention I give animals reveals that through their movements, life remains the focal point and goes on unwaveringly. The violent convulsions of a dragon, the minute impulses of a snail or the quiet comprise and dignity of the tortoise, are an invitation to build a strong connection with them. Animals can express anything. Depending on the context of dynamics they can say anything. Sometimes just as I am falling asleep or returning to consciousness and my eyes are closed, animal images come to me. Such treasures will turn into porcelain motifs or bosses.

    This exhibit gives me the opportunity to display a whole series of new works. The term “bestiary” comes to mind. The collection involves (sculpted, engraved or painted) animals that may be real or imaginary. The creatures are often strange but never estranged. At least that is my hope."
    - Renaud Sauve 

    About the Artists

    Renaud Sauve was born in Montreal, Quebec, where he has lived and practised for many years. Between 1978 and 1982 he spent time with his family living in Congo. His family returned to Quebec and later he studied both ceramics and philosophy, working in a number of mediums: painting, fresco and mosaic. Before starting Atelier des Cent-ans in 2010, he worked with Cirque du Soleil as prop master. 

    His studio, Atelier des Cent-ans is based out of Irlande, Quebec, where he focuses on crafting ceramics made of porcelain. In 2014, Renaud received a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec and held his first solo exhibition at Mjolk later that year. He has since shown his work in Quebec and Toronto.

  • Inspirations: A meet and greet with woodworker Yoshinori Yano


    A meet and greet with woodworker Yoshinori Yano

    September 24, 2016

    Please join us for a drop in meet and greet with Japanese woodworker Yoshinori Yano. We will be previewing a small selection of his work alongside a casual demonstration of his practice. 

    Yoshinori Yano’s sculptures are both ethereal and organic; through them he communicates a quintessentially Japanese idea of beauty in nature. 
    His technique is slow and measured, using simple hand tools to reveal each form, evoking emotions and ideas already present in nature: a delicate breeze of wind or the melancholy drizzle of rain.

    Born in 1973 in Tokyo to a family of artists, Yoshinori Yano discovered woodworking during his studies in Capellagågarden, Sweden. Upon returning to Japan he completed a three year apprenticeship before opening his own studio in the city of Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan in 2003.

  • Momogusa: Masanobu Ando + Akiko Ando


    Masanobu Ando + Akiko Ando

    August 17, 2016 - September 7, 2016

    Mjolk presents works from the world-famous Gallerie Momogusa. Selected and curated by owners Masanobu Ando and Akiko Ando, the gallery showcases everyday objects that are both utilitarian and yet extraordinarily thoughtfully crafted. The exhibition will include Momogusa original products and publications alongside the ceramics of Masanobu Ando and the clothing of Akiko Ando.  


    Gallerie Momogusa

    Gallerie Momogusa started with the purchase of a 100-year-old farmhouse in Narumi, which was then physically moved to Tajimi, Japan. Famed ceramicist and Tea Master, Masanobu Ando, and clothing designer, Akiko Ando, wanted a space that would welcome visitors and pose questions about human relationships with everyday objects. The gallery, which sits outside of Nagoya, features both short-term and permanent exhibitions, often centred on the relationship between art and craft and basic daily needs. The work featured asks users and creators to revaluate and restate the relevance of items that are often used without much thought. The gallery uses the traditional Japanese farmhouse to showcase works in a relatable and personal environment. There are no white walls or traditional gallery layouts, but rather, visitors will find works displayed in rooms with earthen or wooden floors, Tatami-mat rooms, Engawa, a veranda-like porch, and Tokonoma, a room with an alcove. It is a place where people are able to connect with the aesthetics of space, drawing connections with Japanese traditions and craftwork.

    Masanobu Ando

    Masanobu Ando is a ceramicist and Tea Master. Upon graduating from Musashino Art University under the sculpture program, Ando shifted his focus from conceptual art to a dedicated practice centred around Tea Ceremony and the creation of utensils and objects of everyday use. Masanobu Ando creates his own unique glazes using natural materials that begin to oxidize and change with age and use. These glazes can resemble different materials like silver, iron, or rust. His works are both delicate and simple; the soft-edges are often hand formed and showcase the natural beauty of objects.

    Akiko Ando

    Akiko Ando, clothing designer and co-owner of Gallerie Momogusa, creates works using exceptional materials of the finest quality. Her pieces are timeless, intended for long-term wear and use. Her designs are genderless and ageless without inciting any cultural references. However her pure approach to her clothing and keen eye for quality is instinctively Japanese. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with many important contemporary fashion designers including Minä Perhonen, SPOLOGUM, and Maki Textile Studio.


  • Takayoshi Narita Wrought Iron Cookware

    Takayoshi Narita Wrought Iron Cookware

    July 13, 2016 - August 8, 2016

    Takayoshi Narita, a Japanese craftsperson working in wrought iron, creates beautiful functional objects that have been greatly considered in both use and feel. His perfectly balanced cookware tools are an indication of his skill, dedication and respect towards his practice.

    Each piece begins as a flat plate of either iron or stainless steel. They are then heated and softened in a coal oven, removed and hammered into form. This process is repeated until the final results are achieved. Narita has been working in this medium for the past 19 years and his products are sought worldwide.

    This will be the first International exhibition of the wrought ironworks of Takayoshi Narita.

    Opening reception with artist in attendance:
    Wednesday July 13th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • A Meal Prepared by Seiko Tanaka Using Hand Made Tools by Takayoshi Narita

    A Meal Prepared by Seiko Tanaka Using Hand Made Tools by Takayoshi Narita

    July 15, 2016

    Seiko Tanaka, chef and owner of Hibari in Tokyo, Japan, specializes in koraisyu based cooking. By using koraisyu, heirloom vegetables, her dishes are both simple and complex, always highlighting the robust flavours that vegetables can offer. Seiko Tanaka and Takayoshi Narita, Studio Tint, have been collaborating for the past 6 years by offering both classes and culinary events, combining her talents in the kitchen with his handmade wrought iron tools.

  • Nichetto Residency at Mjolk

    Nichetto Residency at Mjolk

    May 17, 2016

    Nichetto Residency at Mjolk

    A domestic space designed by the Nichetto Studio 
    Featuring the launch of new works designed by the Nichetto Studio, expertly crafted by De La Espada

    Opening reception with designer Luca Nichetto and founder of De La Espada Luis De Oliveira

    May 17th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Oji Masanori x Mjolk

    Oji Masanori x Mjolk

    January 20-31, 2016

    We will be hosting our third retrospective exhibition of Oji Masanori during the 2016 Toronto Design Week Festival. This year is particularly special because we have commissioned and collaborated on a collection of lighting designed by Oji Masanori and produced alongside local Canadian artisans and small manufactures.

    Please join us for the opening reception Wednesday, January 20, 2016 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

    Furthermore, we will be hosting a TODO Talk: Join Melanie Egan (Head Craft & Design at Harbourfront Centre) and Oji Masanori for an interview about his studio practice and the current collaboration. Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Please RSVP through the Toronto Design Offsite Festival website.

  • Oji Masanori TODO Talk

    Oji Masanori TODO Talk

    January 23, 2016

    Join Melanie Egan (Head Craft & Design at Harbourfront Centre) and Oji Masanori for an interview about his studio practice and the current collaboration. Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Please RSVP through the Toronto Design Offsite Festival website. FREE.

  • Selected Solo: An exhibition of enamelware by Kaori Juzu

    Selected Solo

    An exhibition of enamelware by Kaori Juzu

    September 24-30, 2015

    Kaori Juzus’ jewellery is a gentle and sophisticated blend of materials, techniques, texture and pattern.
    Born in Fukuoka, Japan, Kaori moved to Bornholm, Denmark, to study art. She apprenticed with the Danish jewellery designer Per Suntum before establishing her own practice.
    Each piece she creates is carefully crafted from copper, silver and gold and is hammered into their individual forms. Colour and texture is applied through multiple layers of enamel, a form of powdered glass, which is then fired at high temperatures to transform wearable objects into art.
    Her process is laborious and time consuming. It is also conscientious of the interactions between forms and environment. Kaori Juzu seeks to enhance the expressive quality of an object by giving depth and texture to form, allowing form and surface to melt together.
    Exhibition and Opening photos on Kitka blog

  • Alissa Coe: Primary

    Alissa Coe


    May 6, 2015 - June 3, 2015

    A collection of work in porcelain inspired by the power and primordial nature of geometric form.
    With this body of work I have attempted to create a primal feeling, as if each piece could have existed from the beginning of time, encapsulating all the strength and fragility of nature in the quality of the forms and materials.
    – Alissa Coe
    See more photos on Kitka blog

  • Anderssen & Voll + Mjolk

    Anderssen & Voll + Mjolk

    January 21-29, 2015

    Please join us for the first North American retrospective of Norwegian Industrial Design Studio Anderssen & Voll exhibition their most iconic works to date, along with the launch of a new Collection of Indoor Garden tools made by Toronto based Artisans.
    Exhibition and opening night photos Kitka blog

  • Renaud Sauvé: Ateliers des Cent-ans

    Renaud Sauvé

    Ateliers des Cent-ans

    October 2, 2014 - November 11, 2014

    Renaud Sauvé always places an emphasis on emotion and environment for his exhibitions. For his first solo show at Mjölk, he created an environment filled with moss, stones, and branches from his country property and incorporated his personal collection of paintings, drawings and antiques, providing a glimpse into the inspiration behind his work.
    For this specific exhibition, Renaud explored the creation and application of a black glaze, made from ground soapstone from a mine near Atelier des cent ans.
    See more photos on Kitka blog

  • Totemica: Luca Nichetto, Lera Moiseeva + Mjölk at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura


    Luca Nichetto, Lera Moiseeva + Mjölk at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura

    June 26, 2014 - September 16, 2014

    Hosted by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Totemica is an exploration of the process of developing both Sucabaruca and Aureola from initial concept, to production to finished prototype.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Ryuji Mitani Solo Exhibition

    Ryuji Mitani Solo Exhibition

    June 3, 2014 - August 10, 2014

    Wood plates, butter cases, cups, cutlery and even handmade sleeves for Chemex coffee pots were available for the first time outside of Japan.
    b. 1952
    Ryuji Mitani set up Persona Studio in 1981 in an effort to create hand-made wooden tableware for everyday life. His leadership in this field inspired a generation of woodworkers and set into motion a new post-mingei art movement called Seikatsu Kogei. In 1985 he set up the Matsumoto Craft fair in an effort to show the handcraft of his fellow artisans, and it quickly became the countries largest craft fair and gave a setting for different artisans to come together and display and sell their work. In 2011 Ryuji Mitani opened 10cm Gallery and cafe in an effort to create more dialogue between consumers and artisans, this gallery uses and exhibits Mitani’s work as well as other notable artisans.
    Ryuji Mitani is now considered to be the most famous contemporary wood table- ware maker in Japan, he has written close to a dozen books about craft and has exhibited in countless galleries and museums all over Japan and abroad.
    Exhibition and Opening photos on Kitka blog

  • Chanoyu: The Way of Tea


    The Way of Tea

    May 29, 2014 - June 25, 2014

    Our second solo exhibition with important Japanese potter Masanobu Ando. An exploration of the Japanese Tea Ceremony through an exhibition of unique Tea tools made by Masanobu Ando. A special Tea Ceremony performance was held in the front window of the gallery.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Ryuji Mitani: Spoon Carving Workshop

    Ryuji Mitani

    Spoon Carving Workshop

    June 4, 2014

    The morning after the evening reception we hosted for Mr. Ryuji Mitani, we arranged for a special spoon carving workshop at our home above the shop/gallery.
    Mr. Mitani has hosted these workshops in Japan and he came up with the idea in order to further connect people with hand crafted things, and give them an appreciation of the work that goes into making something as simple as a wood spoon. He does the workshop also to show how enjoyable it is to use craft products in one’s life, so that is why he also invited famous chef Ai Hosokawa to come along to cook lunch for all of the participants of the workshop. The idea was to carve a spoon, then use it during dessert.
    Food by Ai Hosokawa
    See more photos on Kitka blog

  • Mold All: Presented by Play Mountain and Studio Prepa

    Mold All

    Presented by Play Mountain and Studio Prepa

    March 15, 2014 - April 15, 2014

    Our 2nd exhibition with Mr. and Mrs. Hira of Studio Prepa. This series is the result of an experimentation with wooden molds, the same technique used by mid-century Finnish glass artists to create “Ice Glass”.
    A log is hollowed out and glass in blown into the mold. The end grain, knots, and grain are left imprinted on the clear glass. Since the molds are made of wood they can only be used a few times before they are destroyed so as a result the works are very limited and each piece has a unique size and shape.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Luca Nichetto + Mjölk

    Luca Nichetto + Mjölk

    January 22-31, 2014

    During Toronto Interior Design Week, we hosted the first Canadian exhibition for Italian designer Luca Nichetto. It was an opportunity to showcase his work for varied companies, as well as the launch of our collaborative project Sucabaruca.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • LATrE Indigo

    LATrE Indigo

    November 1-30, 2013

    In the front window Brian’s friend and merchandiser Jodee set up a beautiful display taking all of the tools from Brian’s workshop and transplanting them to the store to show the equipment used in his dyeing process. This combined with the Dead stock WWII army tent turns the tools into artifacts of survival.
    Along with the clothing articles, Brian made some incredible Boro-esque patchwork placemats made from military sailing fabric.
    More photos on Kitka blog.

  • Nakashima: A Retrospective


    A Retrospective

    June 24, 2013 - August 30, 2013

    Mjölk is honored to present the first Canadian retrospective of works by legendary architect and craftsman George Nakashima, and his daughter, architect, designer and head of the Nakashima Studio, Mira Nakashima. We are proud to showcase a large collection of iconic works by George Nakashima as well as new works from Mira Nakashima’s Keisho (continuation) collection. Mira Nakashima, along with her daughter Maria, and granddaughter Maya were special guests in attendance.
    The Nakashima furniture collection was complemented by a curated collection of art by some of Japan’s most famous contemporary artisans. This group of artists includes potters Masanobu Andoand Koichi Uchida, wood artisans Ryuji Mitani and Shingo Tsukuda, and metal artists Takejiro and Mami Hasegawa. We believe this group of artists capture the spirit of the Nakashima’s work and carry on the mission of providing beautiful well-crafted items that go beyond their basic function and provide something beautiful that enriches the soul.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Tomii Takashi

    Tomii Takashi

    June 26, 2013 - July 26, 2013

    Tomii Takashi is known as a prodigy in Japan and is quickly becoming one of the most recognized wood workers in his field. His work exhibits very clean modern forms that are contrasted by soft tool marks. These marks leave a connection to the maker, and also reveal that such refined work can be made by the hand.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Kazumi Tsuji: Reclaimed Blue

    Kazumi Tsuji

    Reclaimed Blue

    May 30, 2013 - June 30, 2013

    Kazumi’s special glasses are a collection of clear mouth-blown glass with a thin delicate layer of black/purple glass on top. Kazumi then cuts patterns into the thin black glass to reveal the clear glass beneath it.
    Along with her notable clear and black glasses, we were also showing special blue glasses during the exhibition. These are very special because they are the result of a years worth of broken glass from Kazumi’s studio. The discarded glass is collected and melted down, the result was a surprise – an incredibly rich blue glass!
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Norihiko Terayama: My Garden

    Norihiko Terayama

    My Garden

    April 9, 2013 - May 9, 2013

    This past week we welcomed Norihiko Terayama to the shop, to exhibit his new g,a,r,d,e,n ruler. Norihiko set up a beautiful window display of foraged flora from the neighbourhood as well as from the multitude of Coriander Girl bouquets we had floating around. It took two days of laborious cultivating and placement.
    garden is a ruler containing a collection of wild plants placed in increments of 1cm. I forage these plants near my home, I find many different types of plants and am at the mercy of chance and seasonality. To me, this is a miniature garden, a little piece of my own garden. Whether this ruler is placed on a shelf or a desk, I hope you will find a little garden in your own home.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog
    Video of window installation

  • Claesson Koivisto Rune: Ceremony

    Claesson Koivisto Rune


    January 23-31, 2013

    Along with a retrospective of Claesson Koivisto Rune’s furniture, design accessories, and architectural models we are debuting a small series of products inspired by The Japanese Tea Ceremony and Swedish Fika coffee culture.
    The collaborative work is executed by local Toronto artisans:
    Alissa Coe, Scott Eunson and Adrian Kuzyk.
    Guests of honour in attendance: Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune

  • ISSHO: Oji Masanori and Studio Prepa


    Oji Masanori and Studio Prepa

    August 11-31, 2012

    Among a retrospect of Oji-san’s work, he debuted a collection of cutlery, a service of porcelain, and a collection of new wooden trays. In addition to promoting our new book which of course features several different artisans from Asahikawa, Japan there was also a curated exhibition of Asahikawa hand crafts present, many of which have not been exhibited in North America before. Last but certainly not least we showcased a collection of new glassware which is a collaboration between Oji Masanori and glass blowers Mr. and Mrs. Hira of Studio Prepa.
    ISSHO means doing something “together” in Japanese.
    Exhibition photos on Kitka blog

  • Masanobu Ando: Kita Wou Omou Utsuwa

    Masanobu Ando

    Kita Wou Omou Utsuwa

    February 23, 2012 - March 23, 2012

  • Oji Masanori: Life on the Floor

    Oji Masanori

    Life on the Floor

    October 21-31, 2010

    Japanese people take off their shoes before entering the house. Traditionally, they spend most of their times in the house sitting directly on the floor. They even dine on the floor, so you can still find tables with short legs in furniture stores all over Japan.  After World War II, their lifestyle has become more Westernized, but the custom of sitting on the floor is deeply rooted in their cultural DNA.
    These were the key pieces to the exhibition, two brand new prototypes. The Chabudai is a small, round-shaped table (600 mm in diameter) with short legs for one or two persons designed to be used directly on the floor for having tea or dining. The Zabuton, a square-shaped floor cushion, is used in combination with a chabudai to sit directly on the floor.
    Also featured was a collection of accessories for the home designed by Oji Masanori.
    More photos on the Kitka blog